Ashvita's Exhibition: The world of M. X. Susairaj

knowledge center


The access to and transfer of ideas and insight between collectors, sellers, mediators, researchers, and curators forms the bedrock of a healthy and thriving collecting community. The knowledge centre is a repository for data, information and insight, that will enable a buyer to make intelligent and enlightened acquisitions. It will help promote and support a growing collectors market, serving as both a data bank and platform for learning.



Ashvita's products are sorted into its various departments based on collecting expertise. Each department is home to numerous objects that are thoroughly researched and classified based on their material, social and cultural histories. We currently have eleven departments, each representing a specific area of collecting.

Buying and Selling


A bespoke service that aims to connect buyers with vetted and trusted sellers of art objects outside of our sale room. By offering private sales as an additional 'bespoke' service, Ashvita's can work directly with you to help source specific objects at a fixed price, broker a sale discreetly, and avoid the restrictions of the shop and auction calendar. Our specialists will work with you individually to counsel you on private sales strategies, and provide strategy to help you find the suitable buyer for your collection.

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