How To Buy

The shop platform on Ashvita’s combines the features of an e-commerce platform with that of an online auction. Since we don’t deal in multiples and the products for sale are rare, unique and highly valuable, the shop is structured to promote maximum visibility and availability of products for the limited duration of their sale. The shop incorporates the following features:

Timed Sale

Ashvita’s does not function like a regular e-commerce website. There are no permanent stock items for sale. Instead, Ashvita’s uses calendar sales, meaning that a specific lot of items will be placed on sale for a limited duration (For eg. 2-3 days) on scheduled dates every month.

Each sale may consist of one or more lots of items with each lot available for purchase for specific, non-overlapping durations within the sale period. The schedule of sales will be available on the website, and sales will open only on the designated dates.

Timed Shopping Cart

Since every object on our website is unique, we try to keep the shopping channels open by building a timer into the shopping cart. An item will remain in the cart for only 10 minutes, after which it becomes available for purchase by other customers. After the initial object is added to the cart, 10 minutes will be added. This can extend upto a maximum of 30 minutes for every additional item added to the cart. No more than three items may be added to the cart at a time. The retention time in the cart (10 minutes being the default) may vary depending on the type and nature of the sale.

Hold on Objects

The shop category extends on payments of fee calculated on a percentage of the object value to hold an object for up to three days. If the object is successfully purchased at the end of this period, the holding fee is reimbursed. If not, the holding fee is forfeited. A maximum of three objects can be held. This is an additional service provided by Ashvita’s to allow the customer some time to think about the purchase.


Shipping charges will be additionally levied on purchased objects. The charges will vary depending on the size, weight, material and condition of the object(s) being shipped, and will be computed accordingly.

Accepted modes of payment are credit/debit cards and online banking.

Buying at Ashvita's Online Auction

  • Anyone who wishes to bid at our online auction must first be a registered and verified user on Ashvitas.com
  • Potential buyers should be registered and KYC verified by Ashvita's in order to bid.
  • If you are an existing user, you will still have to login and register for every individual auction and accept the terms and conditions for the sale.
  • All registrations will only be completed online at ashvitas.com.
  • Once the required information is provided and an account is created, the user will have to complete the KYC verification. This process will take up to 24 hours to verify and complete.
  • KYC will not be complete unless all three documents are submitted. (i) ID Proof (ii) Address Proof (iii) Financial Statement or any bank references or guarantees.
  • In case registration has been applied on behalf of a corporate entity upon the completion of verification all first time corporate users will be required to update the relevant 'Articles of Incorporation' and 'Memorandum of Association'.
  • All bidders should obtain bidding access 24 hours before the auction.
  • Ashvita's reserves the right to give bidding access at its discretion.

Bidding Online

  • Click on "Place Your Bid" to confirm your bid at the value listed.
  • You may participate in the bidding process, by entering the next valid bid each time you are out-bid.
  • In the event a bid is placed under two minutes from the closing schedule of the lot, the closing time for that particular lot will be extended by two more minutes. The extension will continue until such time that the last bid is not placed under two minutes from the closing time.
  • All lots bid history will be made available to be viewed by valid bidders.
  • All registered bidders will be set with a bidding limit. To increase or modify the bidding limit based on KYC verification please call us on +919840625593.

Opening Bid

  • Opening Bid is the value at which the auction house starts the bidding of each lot.

Current Bid

  • Current Bid is the value of a bid placed at the moment by one or more bidders and on which basis the bid increments will be made.

Proxy Bids

  • You may place proxy bids on the website once the auction catalogue goes live and will be available until the end of the auction.
  • Once you have identified the lot that you would like to bid on, you may bid any desired amount above the next valid bid.
  • Proxy bids cannot be lowered or modified.
  • Written bids submitted manually cannot override proxy bids placed online.
  • In case a bidder is outbid on their proxy bid, they will be intimated of the same by email to their registered email ID and can update the proxy online if they wish to so.
  • Ashvita's reserves the right to reject any proxy bid at its discretion without having to provide any explanation.

Bid Increments

  • All bid increments will be as per the slab published on the website.
  • You will be informed by email if your valid bid has been outbid for every lot you have bid on.
  • The most recent/updated bid values will reflect only when the information on bid values is refreshed, which shall happen either automatically, or when a bidder clicks on the "Refresh" icon on the website on desktop or mobile browser.
  • The page may also refresh automatically on the website.

Winning Bid

  • The winning bid is the last and highest bid at which the lot has closed.
  • No new bids can be placed after the Winning Bid
  • The closing bid is considered the winning bid only if such bid exceeds the reserve price.
  • All winning bids shall be posted on the website after the close of the auction.

Bid Cancellation

  • Bids once placed cannot be cancelled.

Additional Charges

  • In addition to the winning bid a GST will be charged in addition to the winning bid.
  • There will be no buyers premium charged in this auction.
  • All bids are in Indian Rupees Only. In case of purchase from outside India, Payment will be made in US Dollars only at a value set on the date of the transaction. Foreign exchange charges will be extra.
  • The winning bid is not inclusive of shipping charges. We will ship worldwide at actual cost.
  • Insurance for artwork will be charged extra if required during transport.

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