How To Buy

The shop platform on Ashvita’s combines the features of an e-commerce platform with that of an online auction. Since we don’t deal in multiples and the products for sale are rare, unique and highly valuable, the shop is structured to promote maximum visibility and availability of products for the limited duration of their sale. The shop incorporates the following features:

Timed Sale

Ashvita’s does not function like a regular e-commerce website. There are no permanent stock items for sale. Instead, Ashvita’s uses calendar sales, meaning that a specific lot of items will be placed on sale for a limited duration (For eg. 2-3 days) on scheduled dates every month.

Each sale may consist of one or more lots of items with each lot available for purchase for specific, non-overlapping durations within the sale period. The schedule of sales will be available on the website, and sales will open only on the designated dates.

Timed Shopping Cart

Since every object on our website is unique, we try to keep the shopping channels open by building a timer into the shopping cart. An item will remain in the cart for only 10 minutes, after which it becomes available for purchase by other customers. After the initial object is added to the cart, 10 minutes will be added. This can extend upto a maximum of 30 minutes for every additional item added to the cart. No more than three items may be added to the cart at a time. The retention time in the cart (10 minutes being the default) may vary depending on the type and nature of the sale.

Hold on Objects

The shop category extends on payments of fee calculated on a percentage of the object value to hold an object for up to three days. If the object is successfully purchased at the end of this period, the holding fee is reimbursed. If not, the holding fee is forfeited. A maximum of three objects can be held. This is an additional service provided by Ashvita’s to allow the customer some time to think about the purchase.


Shipping charges will be additionally levied on purchased objects. The charges will vary depending on the size, weight, material and condition of the object(s) being shipped, and will be computed accordingly.

Accepted modes of payment are credit/debit cards and online banking.

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