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Ashvita’s is a fine art and collectibles platform that enables collectors to acquire and collect objects of high quality and rarity. Each object is categorized in a curated department and makes for an easy buying experience. The platform provides knowledge-based resources to aid in informed purchases.

Since its inception in 2018, Ashvita’s has continuously strived to create an accessible platform for art and collectibles. Ashvita’s has successfully conducted 32 online auctions as of July 2021. Categories include modern & contemporary art, rare books, collectibles, and opening up other new sectors such as decorative art, ceramics and ephemera.

Ashvita’s several years of involvement in the field brings expertise to the forefront. The team’s passion for art, collectables, and their histories come through in their curatorial and management strategies, as well as their knowledge of the pieces.

Ashvin E. Rajagopalan

Ashvin E. Rajagopalan

Founder, Ashvita’s

Ashvin E. Rajagopalan founded Ashvita Art Objects & Artifacts in 2002 in Chennai. With over 19 years of experience in the art world, he has curated several important exhibitions that focus on Modern & Contemporary Indian Art and has been a focused promoter of artists who are now some of the leading names in the country.

From 2009, Ashvin has been focusing on institution building and creating long term visions for corporations and large collections across the world. Providing end-to-end services in the world of art, Ashvin is equipped to handle all aspects of collection management, collector requirements, artist estate management and bespoke art services. Ashvin has developed tools to drive professional processes in a fairly disorganized sector and has helped with the reorganization of many facets of this segment.

In October 2018, Ashvin created and launched a unique online platform for Auction and retail sales of Fine Art & Collectibles. This platform looks at the yet-to-be-consolidated collectables sector. Over the next decade and beyond, he sees major opportunities in being able to grow this market segment.

Sruti Harihara Subramanian

Sruti Harihara Subramanian

Co-Founder, Ashvita’s

Sruti Harihara Subramanian is an entrepreneur and film-maker with deep and diverse experience in retail and film direction. She is a National Award-winning director of ‘A Far Afternoon - A painted saga by Krishen Khanna’ and the director of the hit Amazon Prime series, Harmony with A. R. Rahman. Her retail brand Goli Soda is India’s leading sustainable lifestyle products brand and has been changing the way consumers use daily lifestyle products.

Sruti leads key positions at Ashvita’s and is closely involved in the business development and operational aspects of the business. She provides creative and business strategies for the growth of the business, both offline and online.

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