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View of the Sanchi Stupa
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"This image of the Great Stupa at the Sanchi complex in Madhya Pradesh is one of the oldest stone structures in India and an important monument of Indian Architecture. It was originally commissioned by the Mauryan emperor Ashoka the Great in the 3rd century BCE. Its nucleus was a simple hemispherical brick structure built over the relics of the Buddha<r> This image of the Sanchi Stupa is part of our first series on Vintage Photos of India from the mid-20th century. Photography has been part of the Indian narrative since the mid 19th century and soon became a popular medium of documenting the diverse life and landscape of the country. After 1947, photography in India implied maintaining the delicate balance between capturing the beauty and progress of a newly independent country versus the famine, floods, wars and poverty that plagued the nation. Eventually, photography came to be recognised as a mainstream artistic medium and slowly became collectable after galleries started collecting and exhibiting them.<r> "View of the Sanchi Stupa
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Silver Gelatin on Paper
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5.31 IN (13.5cm)
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7.68 IN (19.5cm)
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