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Griptight Brand DoubleEnded Feeding Bottle Made in England c.1920
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The bottle is made out of clear moulded glass and has a flat base to keep it stable on a surface. The brand name is embossed (or moulded) on the surface. It is boat shaped and designed to be used either with one or both hands. It has a graduated scale for measurement in ounces on one side and tablespoons on the other. The openings are fitted with a teat on one side and a valve on the other. The doubleended bananashaped clear glass bottle introducted by Allen Sansbury in 1894 and perfected over the next 16 years was hailed as a saviour of nonbreastfeeding babies in the early 20th century. This design allowed for good airflow thorough cleaning and sterilisation and also came to be known as the Hygienic Bottle. This design known as the Allenburys modelcontinued to enjoy popularity for the next fifty years serving as the prototype for other hygienic feeding bottle designs. The doubleended bananashaped bottle is considered a breakthough in affordable and hygienic infant care . Brand Griptight Manufactured England
Object Details
Mark / Inscriptions:
i. Type Brand name embossed letteringPosition TopContent Griptightii. Type Manufacturing markPosition TopContent Made in Englandiii. Type MeasurementPosition SidesContent Table Spoons and Ounces with numbers
Medium :
Width :
2.36 IN (6cm)
Height :
1.57 IN (4cm)
Length :
6.89 IN (17.5cm)
Weight :
173 Grams
Private collection Chennai India.
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