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Coffee Pourover Set 02
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Cup: 8.5 x 11 cm. (Diameter x Height)

Saucer: 10.2 x 2.5 cm. (Diameter x Height)

Dripper: 11 x 10 cm. (Diameter x Height)

Evolved from the global pandemic, Kaveri Bharath through her works refocuses our attention to the intimacy and delicacy of the human touch. Through these functional and intimate pieces, Bharat has attempted to engage the people directly, in the way they handle and touch every piece. This shop offers seven sets to make a perfect Pourover Coffee. Each set comes with a cup, a dripper and a saucer/lid. These handcrafted beauties are exquisite in their creation, design and production. These contain a dark, high iron 'tenmoku' glaze with an overlaying of a dolomite glaze that combines with the iron underneath to give the blue colour.

About the Artist:

Kaveri Bharath is a Chennai based ceramic artist. She practiced and learnt her trade from various artists like Padma Rajagopal of Studio Alpha and Ray Meeker and Deborah Smith from the Golden Bridge Pottery.
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