Lot 42
Set of Two Signed Books by K G Subramaniyan
Estimate : 15,000 - 25,000
Printed Book
Signed by the artist at the book launch
Seagull Books, Calcutta
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This lot offers a set of two books on and authored by K. G. Subramanyan, signed by the artist himself.

a) Sketches, Dribbles and Drawings

K. G. Subramanyan

Seagull Books, Calcutta


35 x 24.8 x 2.5 cm

'K. G. Subramanyan is widely recognised as one of India's major modern artists, an influential teacher, an astute writer on art, and and authority of the folk, tribal and craft traditions of India. This volume of hos 'sketches, scribbles, drawings' spans the work of the last 30 years, with the bulk of the material coming from the period between 1980 and the present. The selection has been put together by the artist himself, with the aim of compiling a definitive colleciton.

This volumes includes his early sketches from 1968, the black-and-chite drawigs for his reverse paintings from the 1980, his China, Japan, London and Oxford sketches, drawings of nature, and figure studies. It provides a rich variety of mediums and styles, from works in crayon and water colour to pen and ink scribbles, brush drawings, notes, doodles and working drawings.

The volume opens with a throughful introduction by K. G. Subramanyan, reflecting on the importance and purpose of. such sketches and drawings for an artist, and looking back on his experince over a long and eminent career. There is also a substantial biographical sketch prepared by art historian and close associate R. Siva Kumar, who has closely observed K. G. Subramanyan's ouevre over the years.'

(from the book)

b) Seventy Three

K. G. Subramanyan

Seagull Books, Calcutta

28.4 x 22 x 1.5 cm

The book was produced on the occasion of The Magic of Making, an exhibition of painting by K. G. Subramanyan in 2007-08. A travelling exhibition organised by Seagull.

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